Results are in……

Sorry it has been a month since I last posted. We got a little busy with life. 

Been taking everything one day at a time.  Some days are just an hour at a time. But I’m still alive. Hooray!

The episodes are back. They aren’t causing any visable signs but I sure the heck can feel them. It was easier to explain when you could see me turn red. I was advised to use the octreotide self injections at home as rescue shots when the episodes get to be really bad. I’m pretty stubborn and I like to hear myself talk so, thus far I have just complained instead of injecting. 

Don’t currently have anything on the calendar. Should have another MRi in the near future and then figuring out when they are going to do another round of the Y90 procedure. Pure joy. Going to ask for a port that time around since my good vein is now all scar tissue and can’t be used anymore. 

On a positive note………..

I did get the results from my follow up MRI. The left side that was treated with the radiation seeds has halted. Nothing has gotten any larger and Bubba is turning black in the center and around the edges.  This is good. Could take a year for the entire thing to turn black but at least it’s not growing. The fistula is also turning black and dying off. If it continues to do so then after the next MRI we will be able to discuss going into the right side with the radiation seeds. Woot woot! This is as positive as news gets with Carcinoid Cancer. 

I’m also up to 115pounds. Actually had a pair of shorts that didn’t fit; I was ecstatic over this. Only woman in the world excited about gaining 11 pounds. 

(Not ment to be depressing)………….I have completely excepted the fact that this is going to be what kills me and most likely in my 40’s or early 50’s. Seems like most of the time it’s from the heart giving out during procedures from the seratonin and hormone release from the carcinoid episodes. It’s crazy and I’m ok with it. I would prefer some freak accident like my blender got pissed off, jumped off the counter and ate my face but, heart stop under anesthesia is probably a lot less painful. 


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