Hey Hey it’s another Day

Feeling frozen in place. I keep thinking “I should do this” or “I should start this.” “I need to schedule this.” “I should be involved with this.” And then a week has past. Really hard to get motivated into doing anything other then sit on my butt. 

Oncologist didn’t really have anything to say. Said I looked good, I called her a lier. Blood preasure was 67/88 which was freaky. She started me on this med called Croen. It’s to help my pancreas keep on, keep on, keep on moving. Still on omeprazole also to avoid looking 8 months prego. Did my monthly Lanreotide shot while there.  Then I rubbed my butt for the next hour. 

I have my first scan after radiation seedlings on June 1st and then a radiation oncologist appointment June 2nd. Will totally make a post after the scan 411. Praying something awesome is going on and that they have decided on the next move. Think my arms are about ready to endure some needles. 


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